SD Card Extension Cable

  • B11 series
  • B11 series
  • B11 series
  • B11 series
  • B11 series
B11 seriesB11 seriesB11 seriesB11 seriesB11 series

B11 series

  • Product ID:B11SF, B12SF, B21SF, B22SF
  • Interface: SD
  • Application:SD Card Extension
  • Shelf time:2019-07-28 11:07:19
  • Product description: ADT-Link UHS-I SD Extension Cable

ADT-Link SD to SD UHS-I card Extender

Brand name: ADT-LINK

Product name: SD to SD UHS-I card extension Cable

Product model: B11SF, B12SF, B21SF, B22SF

Transfer speed: 5-30cm UHS-I full speed Up to 104MB/Sec, 50-80cm 25MB/Sec

Function: SDHC SDXC UHS-I SD Card extender Cable TF memory card extension card  high-speed transmission  extension cable. reader male to female extend

Wire length: 5 ~ 80 cm, the length can be customized.

Application: GPS , ROCK Pi 4 raspberry Pi SCM development board, machine equipment and other needs to extend the SD card to the use.

Purchase restriction: This product is designed to be connected to the built-in SD device and is limited to the product engineer's designated purchase. Individual buyers are not allowed to place an order for purchase. It is not easy to use for ordinary purposes, and returns and exchanges are not supported. Please consider carefully before placing an order for purchase
Procurement Tips: Be sure to buy 1~2 samples first and then purchase in bulk after testing and verifying that they are correct.

Description of wire length:
The length of the wire in this shop refers to the part of the wire, excluding PCB and connectors. Refer to the figure below for dimensioning with a length of 5cm.

ADT Bxx series Part-Number Description:

Brand Part-Number
Bandwidth (Max.)
ADTLINK B11SF UHS-I micro SD to micro SD Card adapter 104MB/Sec *1
B12SF UHS-I micro SD to SD adapter 104MB/Sec *1
B21SF UHS-I SD to micro SD adapter
104MB/Sec *1
B22SF UHS-I SD to SD adapter
104MB/Sec *1
B33SF UHS-II,III micro SD to micro SD Card adapter 312MB/Sec *2
B34SF UHS-II,III micro SD to SD Card adapter
312MB/Sec *2
B43SF UHS-II,III SD to micro SD Card adapter
312MB/Sec *2
B44SF UHS-II,III SD to SD Card adapter 312MB/Sec *2
B33SH UHS-II,III micro SD to micro SD Card adapter
312MB/Sec *2

note *1: High-Speed_Card 5~80cm 25MB/Sec; UHS-I_Card 5~30cm 104MB/Sec;

note *2: High-Speed_Card 5~80cm 25MB/Sec; UHS-I_Card 4~30cm 104MB/Sec; UHS-II_Card 5~150cm 312MB/Sec;


UHS-I Extender cable Test:

The dotted line is the speed measurement of UHS-I high-speed card, the theoretical value is 104MB/s, and the measured speed is about 95MB/s
The solid line is the speed of SD ordinary card, the theoretical value is 25MB/s, and the measured speed is about 21MB/s

Is there any EMI shielding for Cable?

No metal shield. The extender utilizes the latest materials for EMI shielding with five sole flat cables design. This technique allows each cable to be fully covered by electromagnetic interference shielding with conducting polymer to guard against incoming or outgoing emissions of electromagnetic frequencies, minimize disturbance and degradation on performance, and reduce the weight of the extender.

Can wires and PCB connectors be split?

No, in order to purify the signal transmission and avoid the accident of wire falling off, our wire and PCB connectors is soldering and protected by the heat shrinkable tube sleeve, so the product can not be separated.

Cable thickness? Can it be bent?

The thickness of the wire is 1.05mm, and it can be bent and folded without affecting the use.

How compatible is the SD extension cord?

The compatibility of the SD extension cable is related to the cable length. The cable length is less than 30cm and supports UHS-I 104MB/Sec full speed. The cable length is more than 30cm and only supports ordinary SD cards without the "I" character. The SD cards will have a speed mark. As shown below

Does it support hot swap?

Hot plugging is not supported. You need to shut down the device before installing the SD extension cable.

Does it support UHS-II, III SD cards?
It can be used, but it can only play the performance of UHS-I, not full speed

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