HDMI Extension Cable

  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
  • HCD-MF-20P series
HCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P seriesHCD-MF-20P series

HCD-MF-20P series

  • Product ID:HCD-MF-20P
  • Interface: mini HDMI / micro HDMI
  • Application: HDMI Cable
  • Shelf time:2022-07-17
  • Product description: HDMI 2.0 C-type to D-type male/female Flat Cable

HDMI 2.0 C-type to D-type male/female Flat Cable

Brand name: ADT-LINK

Product name: HDMI 2.0 C-type to D-type male/female Flat Cable

Product model: HCD-MF-20P series

Transfer speed: support HDMI V2.0b of increased bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz,

Wire length: 3 ~ 200 cm, the length can be customized,

Application: For FPV Aerial Photography Gopro Camera

Procurement Tips: Be sure to buy 1~2 samples first and then purchase in bulk after testing and verifying that they are correct.

Purchase restriction: This product is designed to connect to built-in internal devices. It is not suitable for general external use. It is limited to the product engineer to specify the purchase. Individual buyers should not place an order for purchase. This product has a fragile structure and is not suitable for civilian use. It is not easy to use for general purposes and does not support returns and exchanges. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

ADT HDMI series Part-Number Description:

Brand Part-Number Product-Description
ADTLINK HC1-HD4 HDMI 2.0 C-type male to D-type female
ADTLINK HC2-HD4 HDMI 2.0 C-type male to D-type female
ADTLINK HC3-HD4 HDMI 2.0 C-type male to D-type female
ADTLINK HC4-HD1 HDMI 2.0 C-type female to D-type male
ADTLINK HC4-HD2 HDMI 2.0 C-type female to D-type male
ADTLINK HC4-HD3 HDMI 2.0 C-type female to D-type male
ADTLINK HC4-HD4 HDMI 2.0 C-type female to D-type female

A1_HDMI flat mount; A2_HDMI turn up; A3_HDMI turn down; A4_HDMI female          (HDMI A type)

C1_mHDMI flat mount;C2_mHDMI turn up;C3_mHDMI turn down;C4_mHDMI female  (mini HDMI C type)

D1_uHDMI flat mount;D2_uHDMI turn up;D3_uHDMI turn down;D4_uHDMI female     (micro HDMI D type)

Cable length Description:

The length of the wire refers to the part of the visible wire. It does not include the PCB and the connector. For the wire length, please refer to the blue arrow in the figure below.


Is there any EMI shielding for Cable?

The extender utilizes the latest materials for EMI shielding with five sole flat cables design. This technique allows each cable to be fully covered by electromagnetic interference shielding with conducting polymer to guard against incoming or outgoing emissions of electromagnetic frequencies, minimize disturbance and degradation on performance, and reduce the weight of the extender.

Cable thickness? Can it be bent?

The thickness of the wire is 1.4mm, and it can be bent and folded without affecting the use.

How many weights does the product have?

The weight of the wire 5cm is 1.57g. The weight of the connector and the PCB board is 7.45g (the specifications and models are numerous, for reference only)


Be sure to recognize the direction when inserting the cable, do not insert it backwards or in an off-position to prevent damage to the device, pull the cable to support the two sides of the PCB board and then unplug the cable to avoid pulling out the socket pins with excessive force. It is forbidden to pull the two ends of the wire and the welding place of the circuit board.


To open 3D PDF files. Please use Adobe Reader DC software.

FTP: Los Angeles

3D PDF files download: http://www.adt.link/download/HCD-MF-20P.ZIP

Schematic download: http://www.adt.link/download/schematic_hdmi.pdf

FTP: Hong Kong

3D PDF files download: http://www.adtlink.cn/download/HCD-MF-20P.ZIP

Schematic download: http://www.adtlink.cn/download/schematic_hdmi.pdf




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